OTC Alumni: Building a Better Future 

My name is Marcos Romero, I am a civil engineer and building contractor. I am from Venezuela and completed the building construction technologies program at OTC West in 2017.

I still remember that first day in August 2016. I was a little scared but excited and I did not know that my way of seeing the construction world would change. As a civil engineer in my home country, I had already been building for a while, but I had never done it the American way. I always wondered why these guys built with wood or lumber; where I come from, we used very little lumber. We always used other materials such as concrete, rebars, structural steel, steel, bricks, drywall.

I was sure I wanted to learn the American way and I enrolled in BCT. The staff who worked there were always very friendly and professional and patient with understanding the language gaps. From the first day, they made me feel like I was home, they supported me and helped me achieve my goals.

They not only helped me, they help all students equally, promoting teaching in an incredible way, Teaching and preparing students not only to complete the programs but to prepare them for the real world. I was able to observe how the programs contribute to knowledge and student growth, providing them with the necessary tools to be able to get ahead and achieve their dreams. making them professionals and better people.

 The work of Orange Technical College is not easy, but they make it look easy. Without a doubt BCT and Orange Technical College helped me get to where I am today, gave me the knowledge and skills to understand and learn the American Way of construction.

I am excited about the new location and am confident it will be the epicenter of technical knowledge of Central Florida, giving tools and knowledge for these new times. I can only say that I will always be grateful for Orange Technical College.