County Line Moose Lodge 2427 Orange County Scholarship Awards Dinner 2024

Sharing GREAT NEWS! Orange Technical College attended the County Line Moose Lodge 2427 Orange County Scholarship Awards Dinner at the Moose Lodge 2427 on February 13, 2024, for the Spring Term 2023-2024 school year. Thank you to Jeff Saunders, Chairman of the Scholarship Board, for organizing this scholarship opportunity and Tom Lennox, President, for presenting these scholarships to our CTE students. We thank the other scholarship committee Board members, John Barker, Ron Yates, Ron Gaskill, and Tori Barker, for their time selecting 11 students out of 39 scholarship applications. Thank you to Ron Yates, Administrator, for managing the scholarship monies and Tom Lennox, President of Moose Lodge 2427, for continuing this excellent partnership with Orange Technical College. 

What was amazing is this scholarship initially awarded ten $1,000 scholarships to returning students to complete their CTE program and succeed in their chosen careers. However, the scholarship committee awarded eleven – an additional $1,000 student scholarship. AWESOME NEWS! Thank you to all the school administrators for announcing this scholarship to your students (Carol Tingley, Scott Weidl, Seth Knight, Josue Raymond, Sheryl Reyes-Cuevas, and Terri Barton) and the instructors for promoting it to their students and the Financial Aid Staff for collecting the 39 scholarship applications. OTC thanks the County Line Moose Lodge 2427 Orange County again for supporting our CTE students in pursuing their educational goals. KUDOS to those scholarship recipients!


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