Dr. Armbruster Director’s Message – December, 2018

With this being the last CTE-newsletter message of the calendar year-my sixth “last letter of the year” since coming to this role-I thought I would resend a portion of a message that I have sent out to others in the past, updated for this year:

I have a simple message this month as we finish out 2018. I want to wish you “Love.”

A few years ago, I sent out a message to my staff and said the words, “Happy Holidays.” Within moments I had people sending me e-mails about why I didn’t say Merry Christmas, or why I left out the “reason for the season”. Others sent me e-mails saying thank you for not forcing my faith on people, and some even had different kinds of reactions altogether. I thought to myself, “Wow, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season.”

As a man of faith, whose faith happens to celebrate Christmas, I was taught to appreciate and love all people. Basically, I was taught a version of the golden rule – one that allows me to be me, and others to be who they choose to be, and for me to respect them in their choices as I would want them to respect me in mine.

So, this message is not about being politically correct or incorrect, or wishing everyone a variety of celebrations, but rather, about wishing everyone the one thing that I believe is really the reason for this season and every season, regardless of beliefs, and that reason is love.

So my wish for you all is simply “love.” I hope that you have time filled with family and friends and with those who make you smile. I wish you the best possible ending to 2018 and the very best start for you in 2019, but mostly I wish you love.

Thank you for touching me in such a positive way these past five and a half years and for making a wonderful difference in my life.

Have a great love filled CTE Holiday Season and a Happy New Year, Mike.

I will be back in the New Year filling your mailbox ☺!

Happy CTE Holidays, Mike.