Dr. Armbruster Director’s Message – May, 2020

I started to write the whole story but the truth is, it was becoming a book-LOL-so I decided to just give away the ending and add just a few remarks at the end.

My wife Sandi and I decided that after 40+ years together-five dating and almost 36 married, it is time to start taking a real stab at our bucket list that we have always talked about doing one day “when we have time!” With her 35 years and my 33, we have proudly served OCPS for 68 years together, and we came to a realization several weeks ago, before C-19, that 2020 was the right time for us to retire together.

With that decision, we are going to finish up our careers this year, her on June 15 and me on June 30. I am sure by now that many of you are already aware, but just in case, I wanted you to hear it from me in my last newsletter.

Sandi and I are looking forward to the start of our next chapter and wish you all the very best in the start of a new CTE chapter that I know will build on the wonderful 87 year old story that is OCPS CTE!

On June 6th, 2013 (a Thursday) I sent my first official group e-mail to the CTE Staffulty. I ended that email with this simple sentence:

“I am truly excited about the days, weeks, months and years ahead as we work together to change lives for the better in our community. Have a great CTE Day! Mike.”

Well…I can honestly say, the excitement never subsided for me over the past seven years. I have loved my job, loved the staffulty that I was blessed to work with, loved the industry and community partners and most of all, loved the students whose lives we get to impact every day. It has been a personal journey of love for me and one that I will never forget. I shared a lot of quotes and stories and anecdotes and goodness knows what else over the years.

The time has come where I have no more to say ☺. I would like to end this chapter with my favorite quote of all time and a picture from this past Friday night, when my daughter and soon to be daughter-in-law flew home to see Sandi and me-an amazing treat!

God bless you and thank you for being a part of the CTE family in one way or another and for Changing Lives Through Education!

Have a great CTE experience-I know I did! Love, Mike.

PS – Just in! It’s with great pleasure that I introduce the new OCPS Associate Superintendent for CTE – Melanie Stefanowicz-who was approved by the school board on Tuesday night! She currently serves as an Executive Director at the Osceola County School District. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with her for the past three years as peers and believe that she is an outstanding choice to lead OCPS to the next level! She is passionate about CTE and AGE and believes in what we do at the highest level. Here is a picture of her in an OCPS CTE shirt at her school board meeting after losing a wager with me regarding our students’ performance at a HOSA competition. Turns out, this picture from months ago was an omen of things to come-☺!

I know that you will welcome her to the OCPS CTE family with the same enthusiasm that you welcomed me. I could not be happier about the future being in her hands, as I have seen what she has done these past three years to move Osceola to places it never dreamed were possible! Welcome to OCPS Melanie, we are glad you are here!