Explore the Opportunities Available in 3-D Animation

What Can You Do with a Career Certificate in 3-D Animation?

Were you the kid who was always drawing, either on your notebooks during class or for fun after school? Maybe you enjoyed playing with computer design programs from a young age. Whatever your experience with drawing and design, if you want a career that lets you express yourself and get creative, it can be worthwhile to look at earning a career certificate in 3-D animation.

In the 3-D animation technology program at Orange Technical College, you’ll learn to use the latest animation technology and will develop your skills in design and digital media. At the end of the 11-month program, you’ll be ready to start your career in digital media.

Take a look at your career options if you decide to pursue 3-D animation.

Type of Jobs in 3D Animation

Marketing and Advertising

You might decide to pursue a career in advertising or marketing after completing a certificate in 3-D animation. Working in marketing or advertising, you’ll have the opportunity to create memorable campaigns for brands. Animators who work in advertising use their skills and knowledge to create memorable characters for companies, such as the GEICO Gecko.

Film and Television

A career in film and TV might seem like the obvious pick for someone pursuing a 3-D animation certification. As an animator for movies or TV shows, you might work on creating computer-generated images (CGI) to use to bring a story to life, or you might specialize in the production of animated films.

The motion picture and video industry is one of the largest employers of animators[1]. Animators who work in the film industry also tend to have higher earnings compared to animators in other industries, such as advertising.

Video Games

If you’ve always wanted to create your own video games, earning a certificate in 3-D animation can give you the skills and techniques needed to do so. A career certificate can prepare you for an entry-level career in the gaming industry. You might also use the skills you learn in the certificate program to venture out on your own, creating and building your own games.

Skills That Can Help You Succeed in 3-D Animation

Creativity is a critical skill to have if you hope to pursue a career in 3-D animation. But there are other skills to have beyond artistic talent and creativity. People who work as 3-D animators also have good physics and maths skills, as they need to know how to manipulate forms in a physical space and need to be able to visualize geometric shapes and angles. Math and physics allow you to create animations that look realistic and that move realistically.

It also helps to have good interpersonal and communications skills if you want to work in digital media. The odds are likely that you’ll be working on a team, either with other animators or with people who help to get the advertisement, film, TV show or game off of the ground. You’ll need to be able to relay information to them about the status of the project and your plans for completing it.

What to Expect from a Career Certificate Program in 3-D Animation

The 3-D animation career certificate program at Orange Technical College Mid Florida campus takes about 11 months full-time to complete, lasting 1,050 hours. During it, you’ll develop skills in animation, including how to create textures and prepare models for motion capture. You’ll work with the latest software programs and animation technology and will learn how to develop stories and manage projects.

What to Do After Earning Your Certificate

Wondering how to get a job in animation? Multiple 3D animation career paths will be available after you earn your certificate. Some past students have gone on to accept full-time employment at networks or studios where they completed internships. Others have decided to continue their education in animation, enrolling in an associate’s degree program and later a bachelor’s degree program.

Whether you go into the workforce right away or continue your education, you’ll be qualified to take the Adobe Certified Associate and Autodesk Maya 2018 Certified User exams after earning your certificate.

If you’re interested in a career that lets you express yourself while using the newest technology, 3-D animation might be perfect for you. Learn more about the admissions process at 3-D animation technology program at Orange Technical College to get started on your new career path today.


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