Launch Your Career with a Modeling & Simulation Certification

4 Good Reasons to Start Your Career in Modeling & Simulation

In many industries, the answer to the question “what if?” guides certain decisions or leads to massive, industry-wide changes. While there is some risk involved in exploring the “what if?” of an industry, modeling and simulation (M&S) helps to minimize some of that risk.

M&S uses a representation of a given system to produce data, make predictions, and influence decision-making[1]. To understand M&S, it helps to understand what the various components of it are. A model is representation of a system, the goal of which is to understand the real system. When a model is manipulated in a particular way, it’s known as a simulation[2].

People who work in M&S create the model systems and run the simulations. They often collect and analyze the results of a variety of simulation exercises and will maintain and modify simulation databases. They might also analyze and setup software programs for M&S[3].

For many M&S technicians, engineers, and developers, a career in M&S starts with a career certificate. If you have an interest in game design, engineering or science, here are four reasons why a career in M&S might be right for you.

1. Opportunities Are Available in a Range of Industries

Many industries use modeling & simulation, which means that you are likely to find a use for your skills in a field that interests you. Among the top industries for M&S careers are defense, education, medicine/healthcare, aerospace, and meteorology.

For example, meteorologists might build a model of a storm system to simulate the path of the storm and to predict the potential damage caused by the storm. The use of storm models can help officials make recommendations for evaluations and other planning. The models can also help municipalities plan for the future by predicting the damage caused by potential storms.

In medicine, M&S helps provide training to future doctors and medical providers by giving them the opportunity to practice medical procedures and techniques on mannequins and models.

Aerospace engineers can use M&S to develop models and to run simulations that test the functionality of new designs.

2. M&S Technologies Are In-Demand

M&S is a “critical technology[4]” and students who have skills in modeling and simulation are likely to find themselves having a competitive edge in the job market.

Not only are M&S technologies and skills in-demand, they are also transferable skills. You might begin your career as a game designer, only to later find opportunities in defense, government or education.

3. M&S Certification Can Open Doors

Starting your career in M&S by earning either a Modeling Simulation Design career certificate or a Modeling Simulation Production career certificate can pave the way for a position as a Modeling & Simulation Technician, Modeling & Simulation Programmer, or Modeling & Simulation Developer.

Beyond giving you the skills and training you need for an entry-level position in M&S, earning a career certificate can be the first step towards industry certification. While in the Modeling Simulation Design or Modeling Simulation Production programs, you can take the exam for National Center for Simulation Modeling and Simulation Certification.

You also have the opportunity to earn certification as an Autodesk Maya Certified User or Adobe Certified Associate (Photoshop) during the Modeling Simulation Design program and Microsoft Office Specialist Certification during the Modeling Simulation Production program. After earning the career certificate, you might decide to continue your education by pursuing an associate degree or higher.

4. M&S Careers Are High-Paying

Careers in M&S are usually high-paying. Modeling & Simulation analysts earn a median salary of $80,000[3]. Aerospace engineering and operations technicians have a median annual salary of $67,010[5]. The median annual salary of a simulation analyst is $69,496[6].

If a career in modeling & simulation sounds like an ideal match for your interests and skills, Orange Technical College offers two career certificate programs to help you get your career started. Request more information today to learn more about our modeling and simulation career certificates at our Mid Florida Campus.


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