OTC Alumni: Ashley’s Story (Digital Photography Technology)

Story submitted by Dr. Grant Tedaldi

Ashley Nazario started full-time as an adult student this year at the Orange Technical College – Mid Florida Campus in the Digital Photography Technology program.

She was shocked to learn dual enrollment was offered for the program when she was in high school, as she had somehow never been alerted to what OTC opportunities were available to her previously.

Ashley recalls, “I saw the green button; I knew what that was- but I never thought it was something I could do right then.”

Later, as she came to understand more about what students learn at a technical college, she came across a Lake Nona High School National Art Honor Society shirt in my archives (digital media/multimedia design).

She recognized the design and reported she had one of these shirts from high school and had no idea where it came from.

It was surprising to both of us that somehow a little bit of outreach had made it through (thanks to Sabrina Massoni at LNHS Arts) from our campus to this student.

As we design and produce clothing for so many OCPS campuses and events, Ashley is excited to be a part of sharing what has been one of the most positive schooling experiences of her life.

We are fortunate to have her on board and are committed to making sure all students have exposure to what technical education can do for them at the most appropriate times in their development.

PS – Ashley also helped with photography for the recent Inaugural OCPS Biomedical Sciences Challenge – well done! #OTCAlumni

Student holding a Lake Nona High School National Art Honor Society t-shirt