OTC Alumni: Rosa’s Story (Digital Photography)

Photography is what made my American life easy, appealing, enjoyable, compassionate, and also helped make me aware of a new reality.

I am originally from Peru, and in between learning a new language and getting a new skill, I chose to take photography classes at the Orange Technical College – Mid Florida Campus. I was lucky to find a teacher, Charles Brewer, that believed in us and inspired us, and that is all people like me need sometimes.

Through the lens, I capture the moments and emotions of people, breathtaking lapses of lights that illuminate beautiful landscapes. What I love the most is the connection I can build with the subject I am photographing. I have worked as a family portrait photographer, I have done covers for music albums, volunteered at Snap Orlando, and many other events. Slowly, during that time, I never stopped going out and creating small projects.

I soon after moved to Washington state to focus more on Photojournalism. For a year, I followed the female farmworkers in Yakima Valley, documenting their journey in the fields.

Collage of photos from Rosa Villoslada

I’ve now shown my work at different galleries across Washington, Texas, and Utah. I had the pleasure to show my work at UMFA (Utah Museum of Fine Arts) “A Little Is Better…” about children of migrant workers and their lifestyle in the USA. The show was in collaboration with Sonia Nazario, a key speaker for human rights and author of the best-seller “Enrique’s Journey.”

My work will be on display at the Main Library in Salt Lake City during April and May 2020. Currently, I am working on “This is Utah,” a project focused on outdoor activities and another ongoing project on Salt Lake City Women Activism.