OTC Summer Prostart Teacher Training 2023

While several are resting during the summer, some of our OCPS and OTC culinary teachers spent time sharpening their skills and getting tips and tricks from world champion Chef Raffy of Universal Orlando Fame! FRLA’s ProStart Teacher Training was a four-day learning, bonding culinary experience for culinary teachers around the state.

Instructor Nancy C. of Colonial High earned second place in the Knife Skills Challenge. Tiffany R. of Lake Buena Vista High and Ana C. of Cypress Creek High practiced how to crave fruits and vegetables into stunning designs. Some other highlights of this training consisted of Knife Skills Jeopardy, a tour of Rosen Shingle Creek meeting with industry professionals, and sessions with leading UCF Rosen professors focused on technique and advice for ProStart competing teams.

For more information on the OTC-Culinary Career Certificate Program or to enroll, click Here