Celebrating 90 Years of Technical Excellence: A Warm Welcome to the New School Year!


As we embark on a new school year, it is with great enthusiasm that I extend a heartfelt welcome to all of you in the Orange Technical College community. We stand at the threshold of an extraordinary milestone, celebrating an incredible 90 years of technical excellence, innovation, and growth. This remarkable journey would not have been possible without our students’ dedication, our industry partners’ unwavering support, and our community’s collaborative spirit.

Over the decades, our commitment to providing top-notch Career and Technical Education (CTE) has remained steadfast. From the founding days in 1933 to this momentous occasion, our focus has always been empowering students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences that prepare them for CAREER success in an ever-evolving world. As we celebrate this significant anniversary, we commemorate our past achievements and set our sights on a future brimming with even greater opportunities.

As we reflect on our journey, we are inspired by the countless success stories of graduates who have gone on to excel in their chosen fields, impacting industries far and wide. We are immensely proud of each accomplishment, knowing that it is a testament to our educators’ dedication and our students’ perseverance.

This new school year brings with it a sense of anticipation and excitement. It’s a fresh chapter, an opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve. Together, we will continue to build on the foundation of technical excellence that has defined our institution for the past 90 years.

To all our students, families, community members, and business partners, I encourage you to learn more about our district’s CTE programs and campuses. Let us work hand in hand to create an environment where dreams are nurtured, aspirations are realized, and success is attainable for all. Here’s to a year filled with discovery, growth, and celebration as we commemorate our past and shape our future as #ONEOTC



Rosa Grant

Executive Leader

Career and Technical Education

Orange County Public Schools