Supercharge Your Career: The Benefits of Pursuing an IT Certification Program

Do you feel like you’re treading water in your career? Does going to work every day bore you? 

It may be time to give your career a boost. With the rise of AI and the ever-increasing need for cybersecurity, a career in information technology (IT) could be just what you need to feel excited about work again. IT careers can follow multiple paths, and Orange Technical College has multiple IT certification programs to help you, no matter where you are in your career or what direction you want to take.

Getting Started: What Are Information Technology Technicians?

Information technology (IT) technicians provide support and assistance to people using computers and networks. They’re also responsible for keeping computer networks up and running. An IT technician may regularly test networks and computer systems to ensure they are operational and may perform maintenance to keep networks up-to-date and secure.

Some technicians work directly with people, assisting with computer issues or diagnosing network concerns. They may repair hardware or provide training on using a new software program or piece of equipment.

How to Become an IT Technician

A career as an IT technician usually starts with a certificate program. The type of certificate you pursue depends on your interests. You may start with an Enterprise Network and Server Support Technology certificate program or an Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology certificate program.

Completing a certification program prepares you to take and pass an exam offered by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). Employers typically look for CompTIA certification when hiring new technicians. 

Why Become an IT Technician?

There are many benefits to pursuing an IT certificate and becoming an IT technician. Certification is usually how you get your foot in the door—it can be difficult to find a tech job without it. 

If you enjoy working with computers and technology, pursuing a career in IT allows you to explore that interest in-depth. You get to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and may become the person people go to when they have a computer or tech-related question. 

Most IT jobs offer a fair amount of variety, so there’s never a dull moment. You may get to visit a client’s office one day to install a new system and spend the next remotely setting up a laptop for someone. 

Information Technology Technician Salaries

The salary you can earn as an IT technician depends on what you specialize in and where you work. The median salary for all IT technicians in 2022 was $68,050 in 2022. Those working in telecommunications had the highest salaries, with a median of $78,930 and those working in government or education tended to earn lower salaries. 

Moving Onwards and Upwards

Advancement is possible, and encouraged, in IT. Once you earn one certification, you may find that you want to earn others. The more skills you build and the more familiar you become with different aspects of technology, the more in-demand you’ll be. 

New certification programs are regularly becoming available to keep up with ever-changing tech and the need for greater security. 

Once you have a certificate, one path to take is to pursue cybersecurity or cloud computing. Orange Technical College’s advanced cybersecurity certificate program is an advanced program designed for people with existing certifications, training or industry experience. It prepares you for a career in cybersecurity, specifically maintaining cloud computing and securing data.

Another option, if you’re interested in computer programming, is to pursue an advanced certificate in Java Developing and Programming.

Whether you’re pursuing an entry-level IT certificate or are ready to take your technology career to the next level, Orange Technical College has a program for you. Request information today to learn more.