The Cyclical Nature of Life at Orange Technical College  

Rebecca DeJesus steps into her new role at University High School as a Career Specialist saying, “it is a heartwarming honor.” 

As a Career Specialist, she connects high school students with opportunities to engage with relevant career and technical education programs, which will lead to the development of employability skills and industry certifications that students can use in the workplace after graduation.   

Rebecca has worked for OCPS and OTC for over 15 years in various positions, from teaching math at University High School to teaching GED classes with Orange Technical College. Of her new position, she says, “it’s great to be working with dual enrollment students who are really interested in studying for a career.” 

If you’re wondering why this position is so heartwarming and special to her, Rebecca’s late mother, Deb DeJesus, worked in the very same position at University High School 13 years ago. Her mother valued connecting students to work, and always paid special attention to those students that needed special attention and alternative pathways to success.  

Rebecca explains that when her mother held the position, the role was called “Tech Prep Coordinator” and she worked for the high school in the College and Career Resource Center. Rebecca is filled with happiness to see that the resource center is now dedicated to Deb DeJesus, saying it’s a testament to how much dedication and effort her mom put in daily.  

Today, Rebecca works for Orange Technical College in a different office. The role has changed slightly, but the goal to connect students with opportunities in CTE has remained the same.  

For Rebecca, returning to UHS is a constant reminder of her mother’s passion for the power of education and how that passion has impacted her life for the better. Her mother believed in OTC’s dedication to changing lives through education and now Rebecca continues that legacy through her own work at University High School. You can connect with Rebecca via LinkedIn