The Skills Gap, Open Jobs in Technical Industries

The “trades” are no longer exclusively defined by manual, hands-on jobs. Our global marketplace and interconnectedness of business enterprises across the country via a wireless internet, has given birth to a new category of trade jobs: technology trades.

Prepare yourself for a successful future by reading about which IT trade jobs employers are struggling to fill.

National Average Salary – $50,000 – $99,000

Gone are the days when you’re required to climb the corporate ladder rung-by-rung. Choose one of these budding careers, learn your skill set well, and be prepared for companies to enter a salary war to win your loyalty.

  • Visual Designer for Gaming Animation

Animation design is an ever-expanding market as video gaming continues to grow in popularity. Your salary is directly correlated to your education and your experience. Graduate from OTC with a career certificate and you’ll also have graphic design and 3D animation as points on your resume.

  • Web Designer

You’re responsible for implementing creative and technical skills to build the front-end of customer’s websites.

  • Support Technologist (IT)

Choose between two courses: Desktop and Mobile Support or Network and Server Support. Both prepare you for a promising future. Your services will be paramount as the technological industries continue to take over the workplace

National Average Salary – $100,000 or Higher

If you love being on the cusp of the next big, technological breakthrough, then one of these internet-elite jobs might be right for you.

  • Modeling Simulation Technician

Modeling simulators are the crucial link between technological applications and the staff or faculty implementing them. You’re responsible for integrating, maintaining, and operating the computer and audio/video equipment.

  • Modeling Simulation Designer and Producer

Computers run the simulation programs, but the outcomes are only as good as the program. As the designer of these simulation programs you’ll use your skills to contract with defense programs, businesses, and even government projects to predict the most probably outcomes to a specific action.

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