Top Apprenticeship Programs in Florida

There is more than one way to gain knowledge and develop the skills you’ll need to succeed in a career. While some people decide to enroll in a career certificate program or degree program, many others get started on their career path by becoming apprentices.

Although traditionally, apprenticeships were associated with skilled crafts and trades, today, apprenticeship programs are available in a wider range of industries. If you’re interested in learning on the job, learn more about the top apprenticeship programs in Florida and how you can find apprenticeship programs near you.

What Is an Apprenticeship Program?

An apprenticeship program provides participants with three things. Participants get classroom instruction in the trade the interests them. They also get a paid job and training on the job.

In Florida, apprentices and employers participate in the Registered Apprentice Program. The goal of the program is to improve the workforce and increase productivity by helping employers provide training programs that meet industry standards.

How long an apprenticeship program lasts depends on the program itself. Some have a duration of two years while others last for three or four years. As an apprentice moves through a program, they receive increasingly higher wages. Once they’ve completed the apprenticeship, they are qualified to work in their industry as journey workers.

What Is the Advantage of Doing an Apprenticeship Program?

People looking to jumpstart a career can benefit in a few ways from doing an apprenticeship program. One of the most notable advantages of becoming a registered apprentice is that doing so provides a person with a job and a way to earn a living.

Apprenticeship programs eliminate the intermediary phase of having to attend school before getting started in a trade. An apprentice gets exposed to real-life work situations and has an opportunity to use the skills they’re learning in real-time and as they learn those skills.

People who participate in registered apprentice programs also have the opportunity to connect with others in their field. As part of the program, they can work with a more experienced tradesperson, who can act as a mentor.

Apprenticeships tend to pay well, too. Nearly 95% of apprentices who finish their programs remain employed, earning an average salary of $70,000[1]. Additionally, the training an apprentice receives during the program is usually provided for free.

After a person finishes a registered apprentice program, they receive a certificate in their field. The certificate verifies that they completed the program and have the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job well.

Types of Apprenticeship Programs in Florida

Florida has apprentice programs available in several industries. Usually, the programs are employer-sponsored and then approved by the state Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor.

A few examples of the programs available include:

  • Brick masonry apprenticeships
  • Childcare apprenticeships
  • Electrician apprenticeships
  • HVAC apprenticeships
  • Medical assistant apprenticeships
  • Plumbing apprenticeships

Generally speaking, apprenticeships in the construction industry, such as brick masonry, HVAC and electrician apprenticeships, are the most popular in Florida. But you can find an apprenticeship in pretty much any industry.

How to Start an Apprentice Program

If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice, the first step is to review the programs available to see if there is one in a field that interests you. The admissions office at Orange Technical College can provide you with a list of registered apprentice programs in Florida and help you with the application process.

You apply for an apprenticeship program directly with the employer that sponsors it. The criteria an employer uses to determine who to accept can vary based on the job and the employer itself. An employer might also hire apprentices based on need and demand. If you are already working for a company that doesn’t participate in the registered apprentice program, you might consider asking it to contact the Department of Education to learn more about becoming a program sponsor.

Once you complete an apprenticeship program, the certificate you earn can be used across the U.S., not just in Florida. Becoming an apprentice is an excellent way to build your skills, find a meaningful job and earn as you learn. Contact Orange Technical College for more details about the top registered apprentice programs in Florida today.


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